Women in business at Punnet


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it has got me reflecting on the challenges of bringing up a family and pursuing a career at the same time. This is a challenge that many of us face, but don’t get me wrong, the joys always outweigh the negative moments, but gosh, it's a hard gig! 


Here at Punnet, the majority of our senior management team are very strong and intelligent females. Hospitality is not commonly known as an industry that supports women while having their families. I am very driven to make Punnet a place that supports women through this stage of their lives where they can continue to grow and flourish in the workplace while raising their families. 


I always knew that I would be self-employed, and I wanted to ensure that I could continue running and working in Punnet while I had my family. Throughout the process of having Charlie and Olive (and now expecting my 3rd child in August), it has taught me a great deal about leadership and the importance of letting the right people get on and do their jobs. 


I get a great deal of enjoyment out of working with my team at Punnet, and I love the balance of being a working mum (most of the time). I have become very driven to enable Punnet to grow into a workplace and employer that supports other women through this journey. 


Our Head Chef Sophie has been with us for coming on three years, we adore Sophie, and she has made Punnet her home. She had her little girl Delta last November. It has been a perfect learning curve for our business to give Sophie full time off for her initial time at home and respect her work time and home time as she integrated back into the team; while prioritizing her beautiful daughter. 

“After having my first child last November, figuring out my new role in Punnet has been challenging. For most of my cooking career, I have been very much hands-on and in the kitchen every day. This has had to change, but I see this as very much a positive thing rather than a negative. Haley and Punnet have allowed me to be able to look at the bigger picture. To grow the business in different areas and help develop the team without necessarily being in the kitchen every day.  Haley has and is the most supportive boss lady I have ever had. She understands the struggle with the juggle. Her guidance and support these past six months have been undeniably amazing, and I do appreciate all that she has done to ensure I can still work in this business and contribute...just in a different way. 

And this then leads a path for other women working in Punnet and in any hospitality business to know it is possible to start a family and still be able to continue growing in your workplace and career.” Sophie


It’s not uncommon that at least 1-3 children are running around and one being breastfed at any meeting. We feel it’s essential to normalize working while having children everywhere, and we never apologize for bringing them to meetings. It’s not always easy, and sometimes we need to lean on other staff members to get the job completed. It’s a team effort at the end of the day, and we understand that we are playing the long game. 


I am very proud of what we are achieving at Punnet, and I know our future is brighter as a result. 



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